A Small Reflection on Prostration

I had a small reflection today while praying at the masjid.

I was finishing my sunnah prayers and put my head down close to the feet of the person praying in front of me.

I thought, subhanAllah, how Allah humbles us. When we pray in, it’s true that we place our heads on the ground in submission to Him. We place our place of honor, our head, on the ground to demonstrate how we are nothing in front of Allah. In addition, though, especially when we pray in congregation, we also place our heads at the feet of those before us. If you’ve ever prayed in a cramped place in congregation, you’ve probably bumped your head with the feet of the person in front of you.

If you walked into that prayer room thinking you were better than anyone else, Allah put you in your place. Your place of honor is now at the same level of your fellow congregant’s feet. All man is equal. All man must be humble. You are no better than anyone else’s feet! In prostrating to Him, He forces us to recognize our humility twice over; with respect to Him, our Master, and with respect to all mankind.

How amazing is our religion, and how amazing is prayer. If  we just take the time to give it its due…