Bismillah Arahman Araheem

These are my chronicles of a journey on a quest for transformational prayer. For the Muslim, prayer stands as the crux of personal worship. Our relationship with Allah is built through our prayers.

Five times each day, we stand in front of Allah and speak with Him. Prayer is meant to be a time of cleansing, returning, refreshing, refueling, and reconnecting. It is a time to remind ourselves what this life is all about anyway. For myself however, I cannot claim that prayer does any of this for me.

Most of the time, my prayer is a series of motions, practiced over and over to the point of automaticity. It doesn’t take much thought anymore. I wrap my scarf around my head, raise my hands, bow, prostrate, repeat, and then its over. Got my prayer out of my way, now back to my day. Once in a while, prayer will be emotional and overwhelming, but those prayers are few and far between.

Well I’ve decided, no longer.

It’s time to change my prayer. It’s time to make my prayer solace for my soul. Prophet Muhammad s said

جعلت قرة عيني في الصلاة

The solace of my eyes is in prayer

For the Prophet, prayer was so fulfilling that he counted it as his favorite thing of this world. He was able to bear the burden of carrying the message of Islam through having a refuge in his prayer. Prayer was to him, the sweetest thing.

I want my prayer to be so sweet that I retreat to it. I want my prayer to be so pivotal in my life that I wait for the call to prayer. I want deep, meaningful prayer that connects me with my Maker more and more each time I pray. Oh Allah grant me a solace in my prayer.

Hadith Source

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