Day 1 – Shabaan

Beginning a new record for Shabaan …

Fajir: 2

I was a lot more invested and engaged, especially when I reminded myself that I was aiming not to have any 1s today and thought about my shortcomings

Jumua: 1.5

Engaged during the recitation but got distracted by what’s going on around me

Asr: 1.5

Effectively refocused a couple times but did also get distracted. When I did refocus though I could get to a good point

Maghrib: 1ish

I think I did slightly better than 1 here because I reminded myself to refocus more often but even when I did I found it difficult to reengage emotionally/spiritually. It was like my brain was tired or didn’t want to try

Isha: 1.5

I did better than Maghrib but not quite as well as Asr at refocusing. I paid more attention to the recitation and was again more engaged but definitely felt like I had no stamina to get my head and heart in the prayer


… I noticed actually that as the day wore on, I was having a harder time keeping focus or reentering into the prayer wholly. Seems I don’t have enough spiritual stamina …

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