Day 9

Fajir: 1.5

Tried to keep focus but was feeling sleepy. Definitely was more emotional during the sujood than usual

Duhur: 1

Very distracted by what’s going on around me

Asr: 1

Mindless and just remembered to refocus at the very end of prayer

Maghrib: 2.2

Remembered to refocus more often and was spiritually engaged for parts of the prayer. Remembered to make duaa in response to the ayat recited which really invested me in the prayer more. Still lost focus pretty easily though.

Isha: 2.5

Focused more often and remembered again to use Duaa strategy. I also managed to focus more during the ruku and sujood than before. Still kept getting distracted, especially by thoughts of ‘how would I rate this prayer’. Pretty frustrating

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