Reset before Ramadan

Ramadan is less than two months away and I find myself looking back and realizing what a waste I have made.

Alhamdulila last Ramadan I started to really feel a difference in my prayer. I started to see that I actually could change my prayers. Not only was it deeply satisfying but also inspiring. There was hope for me.

But then I just stopped trying. And if there is anything I have learned from ever seeing an improvement its that just trying something, anything you see a change soon.

So, I’ve decided in preparation for the upcoming Ramadan, I want to get back on track. I am not sure what to do or how to make a change. I do know though, I need to try. This has been my biggest obstacle. I give up quickly and don’t keep trying. For now then, I decided I am just going to track my prayers, give each a score and a short reasoning.

Nothing more Nothing less

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