Ramadan Prayer Goals

Ramadan is fast approaching and I know it’s an excellent time to give more specific attention to my prayer. Though I have committed myself to improving my prayers some time ago now, I find myself getting lazy and unmotivated my measurable progress.┬áThis Ramadan I hope to be able to push a little harder. My main goals for prayer this year are:

1.Read a book on improving my prayers. I am hoping to finish Dr.Ali Al-Hilli’s text: 101 ways to concentrate in prayer.

2.Begin to ascend from the level of humiliation in prayer to that of awe. This is based on something I recently read in Dr.Jasser Auda’s commentary on Hikam (The wisdoms of) Ibn Ata Allah.


While I cannot claim to be on the level of even humiliation in prayer, I am hoping that if I really focus this Ramadan, and give my attention to my prayer, I will be able to make strides.

May Allah help me gain nearness to Him in this upcoming month through my prayer and all other forms of worship. Oh Allah bless for me Shabaan and allow me to reach Ramadan!