Review: Meaningful Prayer Online Class

The Meaningful Prayer online class is a smart way to offer the weekend Bayyinah Institute class to people everywhere at their convenience. I enrolled and listened to the sessions a little less than a year ago and I found it to be beneficial to a point.

Basically the class is a detailed explanation of the meanings of all the things that are recited in the prayer. Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda goes into the lexical complexity of each supplication we make throughout the prayer. He gives context and detail to what is recited. The title of the course is very indicative of what you will get out of it.

This class is great for gaining a deeper appreciation of what you are saying in your prayers. It helps give meaning to the different parts of the prayer and if you can recall these meanings during your prayer, it adds depth to it. At the end of the course, Shaykh Abdul Nasir emphasizes the importance of reviewing what you’ve learned in the course routinely until you can remember all meanings learned  during the prayer seamlessly. He advises taking 15 minutes each day to look over your notes from the course so that you can carry the meanings of what you learned into your prayers. Without that, what you learned will just wilt away into random information from a course you took long ago …

This is important to keep in mind when approaching this course. This course is amazing for helping you realize what Allah is saying to you and asking you to say, but it’s not a shortcut for working on your own communication with Him. Prayer is a means for developing your relationship with Allah and as such requires sustained and continuous effort. Looking for a ‘quick fix’ to building a connection with Allah will only shortchange you in the end. You have to see your prayers as somethings that you are constantly building to get closer to Allah.

This course won’t hand you amazing concentration or perfect presence, but it will help you begin the journey towards that. By understanding the meaning of what your are saying, it will help you better tune into what you are doing in your prayers. This is a great place to start your conversation with Allah …

I am grateful to have found this class. May Allah swt grant the Shaykh and everyone who worked on it great blessings on behalf of all those who took the course

The Bottom Line: This class is a first step in working towards better prayer.

Recommend: Definitely Yes

You can find a link to the class here: Meaningful Prayer Online Class

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