More on laziness

Laziness is probably the biggest contributor to an unfulfilling prayer life. It is the number one reason I can say that I am not where I need to be in my prayers. I never before realized how much laziness affects the content of my prayer until I started thinking about why I delay my prayer in the first place. The more i reflected, the more I recognized the patterns of laziness in and around my prayer. Yes it causes me to delay my prayers, but it also has consequences for how I perform the prayer and how much mental effort I exert.  

It’s always easier to do less; to under perform. If i pray later, it’s easier than getting up now and doing it. If I just rush through my supplications, it’s easier than focusing on the meaning of each part. If I recite a regular surah, it’s easier than trying to remember an infrequent one. Over and over, every decision in the prayer can be relegated to doing what’s easy. Consequently, when I answer laziness’ siren call, my prayer becomes more and more empty until it’s just a shell of ritualistic movements.

This is really sad.

It’s sad not just because I end up under performing my prayers but because I’m being lazy in the one relationship that I get more out of than any other. Being lazy is bad for so many innumerable reasons, but with Allah swt, it’s pitiful. He invites me daily to grow my relationship with Him and daily I tell Him, ‘no I would rather ______’. It’s humiliating to think about. And yet, I can’t figure out why I do this … Why am I always choosing the momentary easy way, even though a little more investment will reap so much more!!

Ya Allah give me guidance in finding a way to elevate my prayer …




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