Delaying – The first step of laziness

One of the most regular offenses I have noticed in myself is putting off praying. Alhamdulila 99% of the time I make the prayer before the window for it has passed. But still, I hardly ever pray within the first 10 minutes of it coming in. Forget about 10 minutes, 20, 30, or even 40 minutes would be good!

There is a lot of information out there on why it’s bad to delay the prayer but none has resonated with me like something I heard from my college chaplain. When the time for prayer comes in, your appointment with Allah swt has come in. She said that when you delay it’s as though you’re telling Allah swt, I have more important things to do than pray to You right now. Eeeeh that is a tough thing to say to Allah … but actions speak loudest and that’s what they are saying every time I delay the prayer

What is the problem here exactly??? I have heard this analogy years ago and yet I can’t seem to make the habit of praying at the earliest moment stick …

Part of the problem is that I try to fit my prayers into my schedule rather than the other way around. So I think, I’ll cook dinner then pray, I’ll finish this page then pray, etc etc

Another part of the problem is using the restroom and wudu. If I already have wudu, it’s much easier to go pray right when the time comes in. If I also have to make wudu though, my prayer is more likely to be delayed.

Honestly though, just from taking a few minutes here to think about what I’ve written, it seems that the underlying problem for delaying my prayer is laziness. Yes, I could do better of scheduling things or being prepared, but those require effort, the same effort it would take to in the moment get up and go pray!! There’s no getting around it … Prayer requires me to combat my laziness.

Laziness is the biggest challenge I am facing in my quest to a more fulfilling prayer life. It’s preventing me from even going to meet Allah on time in the first place! How deep can my prayer be if I can’t even seem to get up quickly enough to go speak to Allah. It’s embarrassing and frustrating that I am not motivated enough in my relationship with Allah …

This has given me a lot to reflect on but for now I will end seeking refuge in Allah from laziness in my prayers and in all my actions …



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