Repeat Suras


Because I have a hurried attitude toward my prayer, I usually recite verses that come easily to my mind; ones I have been repeating often and are quick to complete. This is a truly sad reality for me because growing up my parents encouraged me to memorize the Quran and I had committed to memory so much of Allah’s book. Now though, the Quran that I do recite in prayer has been limited to a very small rotation.

Prayer is meant to be an intimate conversation between us and the Divine …

It’s hard to feel like prayer is conversation with Allah swt if you don’t give a chance for Allah swt to speak to you. If you keep repeating the same verses over and over, honestly you’re not giving Allah the space to engage you. The Quran is Allah’s personal message to each and every one of us. When you keep repeating the same verses, it’s like ignoring most of what Allah swt is saying to you!! How can we expect to experience a continuous relationship with Allah swt if we don’t even want to hear His message to us! It’s like begging a trusted friend for advice and then closing your ears after they say “You should …”.

While rushing through fulfilling the duty of my prayer, I don’t even consider how little space I have given for Allah swt to speak to me and help me. I don’t give pause to the fact that Allah swt is engaging in this prayer with me. I therefore just recite whatever small sura of the Quran comes to mind most easily. Often I’m repeating something I recited earlier in the day or maybe even a rakah before. What’s worse is when I don’t even realize it until I have finished the whole sura! I then choose another sura because I’m so embarrassed I repeated the same verses I had read in my first rakah …

I lose a lot of the rejuvenating and uplifting aspects of this spiritual ritual by continuously repeating the same small surahs I’m used to saying. Prayer doesn’t feel like a conversation, but rather like a offering that has to be submitted out of fear of disobeying Allah swt. But I’m looking for Soul Solace and Prayer should be sweeter than that …

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