Learn Again

As with all great endeavors, I will begin this one with small steps.

I have been praying for so much of my life, at this point, prayer has gained a certain automaticity that I’ve surrendered to. So, the process of transforming my prayer must start first by relearning my prayer. I will need to begin seeing my prayer with more depth and feeling it with more care. Years of practicing the opposite means that I will have to undo habits that have become second nature. So for me, relearning will involve 2 steps:

Prayer NOW – Observation, Recognition, Reviewing. I will have to start bringing my mind into my prayer. How do I pray? When? Where? How long (short) are my prayers? Etc. This will mostly just be taking notes on what I am doing without really trying to adjust anything. I will pinpoint areas of weakness and bad habits I have accumulated over the years.

Research – Reading. While I work on recognizing my own patterns, I will look into what the wiser before me have offered up as advice. Books, articles, videos, and anything I can get my hands on about prayer will get the shortcut to the top of my reading list. I am looking both within the Islamic tradition as well as other sources. I will take the best and leave the rest. Reviews and inspirations gleaned from these sources will be chronicled here.


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